Ethical design

Ethics are becoming more and more important in the field of website design. When designing pages, make sure that your output are inclusive and sustainable.

Design systems

Design systems would continue to be an important aspect in creating digital products. These platforms help generate institutional knowledge, so different disciplines and product teams can speak the same language to produce quality work.

Voice user interfaces

Design is no longer about mere screens. Screens are getting small and smaller, so we need to explore other components that can make user experience unique. Understanding how to develop voice-powered interfaces is set to become a requirement for dedicated UX designers of tomorrow.

The death of the homepage

Many website professionals believe that the homepage will die this 2019. Many forward-thinking businesses and web design agency are now moving away from traditional homepage designs. They now favor dynamic entry points. This year, expect a more customized experience when visiting websites.

Variable fonts

Variable fonts are set to make a huge debut this 2019. Massive support for them is rapidly growing both on the browser and OS level. Big providers are quickly expanding all the available typefaces.

More creative layouts

2019 opens its doors on several promising opportunities on creative layouts. The internet finally breaks free from the shackles of static print design. Expect to see more creative layouts that use graphic design concepts, such as vertical and overlap white space.

The rise of WebVR

We are gradually taking innovative baby steps towards VR and AR. Passionate creatives from various agencies are now bringing fresh ideas to the table, from apps and websites to gaming and other experiences.