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development began. It turned the quaint town into a place that attracts tourists and even locals.
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There’s no use staying at a beautiful place when you’re hotel room is far from satisfying your
needs. It just ruins your trip altogether. Here are some quick tips to help you always get the best
hotel room not just in Kota Damansara but wherever you are in the world.

Know your preferences

Most people’s preferences change depending on the situation, this is especially true when
traveling. If you’re flying for business, a big and spacious desk would probably your preference
in a hotel room. If it’s a honeymoon, you want a room with a view.

Jot down your preferences and make some calls to the hotels you have on your list. If they
promise you something specific, write down their names so you can be sure that they follow
through with the offer. When you are aware of your preferences you are able to make decisions easier.

Don’t forget to be kind

Just like any guest of the hotel, you want top-notch customer service. But, don’t forget to
be kind to hotel people as well. Especially those that are on the front desk as they have to deal with a lot
of people on a daily basis and they don’t need another person telling them how to do their job
right. A little kindness also goes a long way with hotel staff. You never know when you need a
helping hand.

Be specific

Good hotels will try and find out the reason why you’re traveling. The reason they do this is so
that they can offer you a more personalized experience and maybe create random surprises
that’ll make your trip extra memorable. Don’t make it hard for them when they ask you
questions, they may sound intrusive. Just go along with it and maybe be a bit more specific.

Some frequent travelers have told stories about them being specific about their travels and
finding out a surprise in their room. A bouquet of fresh flowers waiting for you in your room after
a long flight doesn’t sound bad.

Don’t forget to ask

Some hotels will offer you added services and upgrades. Some of these things are free of
charge but, most of them come at a price. While it’s good to have these things, just be sure to
ask first if it requires payment. While these add-ons and upgrades make your life comfortable,
hotel hidden fees can put a dent on your credit card.

Document Your Stay

If you found something unpleasant inside the room, document it so you can show it to the staff
and help them improve on it. But, if you also found your room to be pleasing and unforgettable,
document it. Take a photo of the room number, the view, and the whole hotel room. This way
you can book the same room the next time you come.