Even men need to accessorize to feel confident and motivated. This is where a wrist watch comes in. Are you thinking of a new classy timepiece? There are plenty of men’s watches in Malaysia, so shopping for one can be a quite overwhelming. Below are some of the things you must know before getting one.

1. Learn more about the different types of watches.

There are 3 main types of watches–quartz, mechanical and electronic watches. Each one has its very own merits.

a. Mechanical.

Mechanical timepieces are powered by intricate spirals. Because of its sophisticated mechanism, it’s life is relatively long. While some time errors may take place, many people still love the experience of owning this complex mechanical structure.

b. Quartz.

Quartz watches are a bit younger compared to the mechanical ones. Instead of being powered by intricate little machines, it is fueled by electric motors and batteries. The best thing about this is that it is accurate and sturdy.

c. Electronic watches.

Electronic timepieces are challenging and dynamic. If you want a watch that is reliable and cheap, go for this one. You just need to replace the battery every 1 to 2 years.

2. Choose the most comfortable and versatile watch strap.

Unless you have a huge watch collection, the most practical thing to do is buy a watch with the most versatile and comfortable strap. That way, you can wear it anywhere and anytime you want. The most popular choice here is a leather watch strap.

3. Select the right materials.

The most common materials are stainless steel, gold, titanium, alloy, gold-plated, ceramic and rubber. Which one do you think is right for you? If you want a casual watch that you can wear every day even while doing rigorous activities, settle for a rubber strap. It is a new, affordable product that is preferred by many.

4. Check the overall appearance of the watch.

The watch’s needle, surface and outer shell must be free of scratches. Its coating should be uniform and bright. Moreover, the joint must be well connected.