So, you’ve finally gotten your own place to stay. Some would call it a crib and others would call it a pad. But, whatever name you want to call it, it is important that you do a
home makeover to make your stay worthwhile.

Now, there are certain differences between men and women when it comes to how a house should look like. Women opt for places full of color. They usually fill their houses with floral arrangements, throw pillows, and even some sentimental items on the side.

Men, on the other hand, would much prefer a place that offers simplicity, comfort, and functionality, above the rest.

This article will serve as your guide to turn your living room into a more masculine abode. Follow these ideas to the tee and I promise you that you will like the end result.

Think About Getting Some Wood

And no, I am not talking about those things under your pants. What I am actually referring to is think about getting some wooden furniture and floors.

Wooden flooring, for example, screams ‘masculine’ without ever having to try too hard.
Now, you might have gotten a crib that is made of other things, but you can definitely invest in wooden furniture that can still add a dramatic masculine effect to your house.

Add Some Great Furniture for an Extra Impact

Speaking of furniture, you may also want to get some that are made of leather or metal.
To create a masculine living space, you have to think big and comfortable.

You can experiment with some murals if you are a creative one and you can also put a metallic coffee table within reach so that you can easily get your cup of Joe.

Don’t Forget the Leather

There are three things that you can get that would instantly turn your house into a ‘masculine’ one and they are metal, wood, and leather.

Getting leather furniture, at least one is definitely mandatory for your house to even be considered a manly space. Although they are a bit more expensive than, say, your standard couch, leather furniture is indeed something to aim for.

If your skin doesn’t really like leather too much, you can buy furniture then just add some leather accents to it and it would still achieve the same masculine effect.

Aim for Neutral Colors and Designs

A masculine living quarter has no use for those bold and punchy colors. Instead, make use of neutral and subtle colors that only aim to accentuate what furniture you have.
You can use Black, Brown, or Gray with some deep blue color accents to make things blend really well.

You can also opt for an earthy approach by adding in some green or brown as well. Still, no matter what color scheme you end up using, the fewer colors you use, the better.

Go Big

The common theme of a manly living space is that all furniture is supposed to be big and comfortable. Remember, men usually do not go for aesthetics, but they prefer comfort and functionality.