1. Failure to Monitor Everything

Are you looking for a social media management company in Malaysia that can help you with social media marketing? Well, you can hire the best professionals that can help you with your business strategy, but if you don’t know how to track everything well, you wouldn’t make the most out of it. You wouldn’t know which campaigns are generating good traffic, and high conversion rates.

2. Failure to Get into the Facebook Mindset

Facebook is an amazing resource for improving brand awareness, but not really for increasing sales and traffic. Many people jump into Facebook advertising for traffic and sales, but they don’t get the results that they want. Keep in mind that customers who browse Facebook are not in the very same buying mindset that they are when actively looking for items on Google. Knowing the difference would help you reposition the ads on Facebook, and then shift your expectations.

3. Paying More Attention on Likes over Loyalty

Several people are investing more dollars into page likes on the early stages of their Facebook advertising strategy. There really is no formulaic strategy behind this tactic other than to display all the number of followers on this particular social channel. Avoid boosting likes just for the sake of boosting likes. This includes online giveaways and contests–where audiences like your page out of a single-time interest.