Men’s Watches Shopping Guide

Follow me Even men need to accessorize to feel confident and motivated. This is where a wrist watch comes in. Are you thinking of a new classy timepiece? There are plenty of men’s watches in Malaysia, so shopping for one can be a quite overwhelming. Below are some of the things you must know before

Which Hand Do Watches Go On? Right or Left Wrist?

Follow me Keeping up with different fashion rules is exhausting. At this day and age, it seems like each new piece of accessory or clothing, must be worn in accordance to a certain rule. This includes watches. Do you love shopping for watches for women in Malaysia? Every time you get a new timepiece, it

Which Style of Watches Should Men Wear- Quartz or Mechanical?

Follow me When men look for watches, they usually ask themselves if they should buy a Quartz watch or a mechanical watch. To be honest, it is a matter of personal preference, but if you want to be more convinced, you’d want to read this article as I will go over the many different aspects

6 Helpful Tips in Taking Care of a Mechanical Watch

Follow me 1. Avoid too much exposure to sunlight. Before buying your own mechanical watch in Malaysia, read about watch maintenance and care first. You would be surprised to know that excessive sunlight can fade the watch’s color. In addition to that, heat can shorten its battery life. 2. Don’t let it near harmful chemicals.

A Simple Buyer’s Guide for People Wanting to Buy a Luxury Watch as an Investment

Follow me Back in the days where you are still starting out in your career, you might have invested in a rather inexpensive analog watch and, for the most part, it has done the things that you require of it. However, you’ve worked so hard that you are now in the position of buying a

Pre-Owned Watches: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Timepiece

Follow me Purchasing watches second-hand is a decent method to set aside cash, however, there are numerous entanglements to pay special mind to. When I began purchasing pre-claimed watches to sell, it was clear the market was a minefield. Poor photography, vague portrayals, and faulty roots were only a couple of focuses I would need