A baby bath is a precious moment for both the baby and the parent as it can be a perfect time for them to bond.

That being said, bathing your baby, especially for those that really do not know some safety tips, might prove to be a challenging endeavor.

But, once you get the hang of it and by following some tried and tested safety measure, then it will be a cinch.

This article contains some tips to help you bathe your baby safely.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Baby?

It is without a doubt that every adult person should take a bath at least twice a day. But for babies? Just twice…a week. And, most seasoned parents would advise first-time parents to only bathe their baby three times a week if they have been so dirty. But on normal occasions, two times a week should suffice.

Is It Safe to Leave Them for a Second?

No! You should never leave your baby unattended. They could drown even if they are just in an inch or two of water.

The best thing that a parent can do is to never leave their eyes off of their baby. Even if you have other people bathing them, it is important that you keep a close watch on your newborn to ensure that everything is alright.

If you are the one bathing your baby and if you absolutely have to leave the room because you forgot to take something, then scoop up your baby, put them in a towel, and bring them with you.

What is the Ideal Water Temperature for Babies to Bathe in?

This is actually a pretty good question since, surprisingly, not a lot of parents know about this. Babies should be bathed in lukewarm water. You can test the water in two ways. You can either place your hand or elbow in the water and see if it is okay or if you want to use a more systematic approach, you can use a bath thermometer to help you find out if the water is at just the right temperature.

To achieve this, you can put ¾ cold water into the tub and then add the remaining ¼ hot water into it. Just remember to put the water in first before putting your baby in since running water’s temperature could change abruptly.

How Deep Should the Water Be?

Well, there really is no specific measurement other than their shoulders should be well-covered. Furthermore, do not leave your baby when they are in the bathtub as they can drown even with just an inch or two of water.

How Do I Safely Support My Baby During Bath Time?

There are many ways to do it, but I find that supporting their bottom with one hand with the arm supporting their back is the best way to do it. The other hand should be the one to wash or wipe them clean.