1. Implement visual hierarchy.

Architects from top architecture firms in Malaysia utilize visual hierarchy in their presentations. By implementing visual hierarchy, you can easily capture the attention of your clients and colleagues. There are countless ways to capture attention using sizes and colors.

2. Minimize text content.

Minimize the text content on your presentation boards. Then, add a short yet concise concept statement providing explanations. Never waste your time writing lengthy descriptive text, simply because no one would take time to read it.

3. Use engaging visuals.

As much as possible, use figures, diagrams and sketches instead of words. Every photo is worth a thousand words. Feel free to use keys and colors to further explain your point through illustrations.

4. Use the most suitable font and title.

Make sure to use the most suitable and appropriate test and title for your presentation. Never utilize more than a single font type every architecture project. Common choices for headlines are Helvetica, Sans Serif and Century Gothic. The minimalist style of these font styles befit high-tech project designs.

5. Don’t overdo it.

Don’t pack the boards with lots of text and drawings at each corner. Leave some white space, or breathing space, though not too much that appears like you didn’t work hard enough, and that your boards are unfinished.

6. Choose the best layout.

If you are presenting hand drawings, then you can do early planning on multiple A4 paper sheets. Estimate the space needed for each drawing, as well as for the buffering space needed for each one.