According to a study that was published by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, there is a major orgasm gap between men and women. In the study, about 95% of heterosexual
males reported having an orgasm during sex, while only 65% of heterosexual women reported the same. In other words, men orgasm much quicker than women and there are a lot of factors that come into play.

For one, men might be suffering from an underlying condition that results in women not being able to reach the point of orgasm. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are both common conditions that plague men all over the world.

Although they are treatable such as doing Kegel exercises and taking male enhancement pills (among many others), no one can deny that both of the aforementioned conditions are the likely culprits in this scenario.

But, do not worry. If you want sex to last so much longer, then do try out these things to help you achieve that:

Learn the Art of ‘Edging’

Men can certainly feel if they are at the point of no return or the sensation that tells them that they are about to ejaculate. If you feel that sensation, stop what you are doing and
allow the situation to subside by waiting a couple of minutes. Once you think you are in control of your urges, then get back into the action.

This is known by the community as ‘edging’ and it is quite effective for a lot of men. Do give it a try and tell me what you think.

Try Something New

Familiarity builds confidence but it also has the downside of putting your body on autopilot. Putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation can help you put your mind into the game more often than not.

If you cannot last long in bed, perhaps trying some new sex positions can help. Opt for ones that do not provide overstimulation to the penis such as the cowgirl or the spoon.

Get Your Cardio On

Doing aerobic exercises can help boost your cardio, which is also known to help improve your sex life as well. The more oxygen that you hold in your body, the better equipped you are in making sure that you help your partner reach orgasm by lasting longer in bed.

Never Skip Foreplay

I cannot stress this enough, men should not skip foreplay. Women really love it and can help them get in the mood. Not only that but engaging in foreplay also helps you get one step closer into making her orgasm by doing some penetrative sex afterward, of course.

Take Breaks in Between

If you have all of the time in the world, I highly recommend that you engage in more than one session with your partner. Take breaks in between and get back into the game shortly after. This way, you can slowly train your mind and body to become more resilient to the same stimuli.

Engage in Sexy Talk

There are a lot of ways that women can reach orgasm and engage in sexy talk is one of them. By doing so, you can convey to your partner that you love having sex with them and it also helps them feel more appreciated as well.

Talk to Your Doctor

If all of the above-mentioned tips haven’t helped you in any way, talk to your doctor and ask for a treatment plan.