1. Writing

You can earn a lot of money online from writing at home. When we say home writing business, it covers freelance online writing, copywriting and ghostwriting. However, that option providing the most freedom when it comes to creativity is fiction writing.

If you want to level up your affiliate marketing efforts in Malaysia, you can use your creative writing skills to promote affiliate products in your blog.

2. Photography

Do you have an eye in taking great photos? The photography business may be the ideal home business choice for you. You can earn money in various ways through photography. Aside from offering portrait services, you can also sell your images online.

3. Website and Graphic Design

Website and graphic creation also requires a ton of creative knowledge of many artistic elements like fonts, texture and color. This field also offers plenty of opportunities online, since you can find clients around the world. All you need is a captivating portfolio, and a profitable niche.

4. Crafts

If you enjoy making decorative art, Etsy is the number one platform you must explore. There, you can sell your homemade crafts to collectors and other hobbyists. The trick to having a successful homemade crafts business is to have an affordable supplier. Aside from selling them on Etsy, you can consign them in local shops, or build your own online storefront.

5. Jewelry

The beaded jewelry business is getting more and more popular. Since it’s unique, and can be done by hand, more people are getting into that business. You just need to find your market, and price your jewelry pieces correctly.

6. Faux or Mural Painting

Help people make their homes even more unique by offering decorative painting services. The primary challenge in this kind of business is acquiring new clients. With hard work and determination, though, you can get through that. Start with comprehensive research. Know the rules and laws about painting trademarked and copyrighted materials.