1. Avoid too much exposure to sunlight.

Before buying your own mechanical watch in Malaysia, read about watch maintenance and care first. You would be surprised to know that excessive sunlight can fade the watch’s color. In addition to that, heat can shorten its battery life.

2. Don’t let it near harmful chemicals.

Perfumes, colognes, cleaning supplies and oils are all bad news for mechanical watch owners.
These can damage leather bands, eventually causing them to tear. When spraying perfume, you should let it dry first before wearing the timepiece on your wrist. Moreover, don’t use powerful cleaners on your watch. The simpler, the better.

3. Read your mechanical watch’s manual.

Every luxury watch requires a thorough maintenance process. You should take care of your
mechanical watch not only because it is expensive. Take care of it because it deserves your
utmost care and love. Who knows? Your mechanical piece can someday serve as an heirloom watch, and you can pass it down to your children and grandchildren.

4. Don’t open the timepiece all by yourself.

There are things that you need entrust to experienced watchmakers. Opening your mechanical watch can expose it to dirt, dust and other harmful particles. Just take it to a professional to make sure that no harm will come to it.

5. Avoid magnets.

Many people are not aware with this, but keeping a mechanical timepiece close to magnets can impact its performance negatively.

6. Clean it as often as possible.

Make time to clean your mechanical watch on a regular basis. Just use a soft cloth soaked with a bit of soap, and then wipe it down the band to remove any dust or dirt. You can do this every 2 months to loosen all the dirt.