When creating your blog, did you ever stop to think about how your website is going to look like in the end? Most of the time, bloggers rarely think about their website’s design to the point that they experience high bounce rates.

Well, blog design actually goes beyond that as it encompasses how you structure your posts and the overall feel of your blog.

So today, I am going to go over some blog design mistakes that you can commonly see and how to fix them.

1. Do Not Bombard Your Users with Pop-up Ads

I understand that bloggers need to build their email lists and having pop-ups may do the trick. But do not overdo it as it can annoy your readers. The ideal count would be that those pop-up ads only show twice during your readers’ visit- one 5 seconds after they’ve landed on your page and another just before they leave.

2. Cluttered Design

Are you using a lot of widgets and advertising images on your blog? If so, you may want to have a look at it and see if it is okay. Too cluttered an interface can put off many of your readers and it may take away their attention from the most important parts of your blog (i.e. your posts).

3. Having an Unprofessional Design

Your blog should have an identity. You could say that your blog is your brand, which is why you need to have a consistent theme followed by a Logo to keep things professional. You can hire a professional web designer for this.

4. Using Way Too Many Colors

There are some people that want to have some artistic flair on their blogs to the point that they go way overboard in implementing too many colors at one time.

If you are using strong colors, it may distract your users- making it less appealing for them to read your content. As a rule of thumb, only use 2 or 3 colors max and use those that will complement your blog’s structure.

5. Bad Typography

Are you using a font that requires a lot of mental prowess to read? Is your font size big enough to make your content legible? If the answer to these questions is no, then you need to change it to things that will make your posts more readable.

6. Poor Line Spacing

Are your sentences way too long? Way too short? Poor line spacing can also put off many of your readers. Adjust the line spacing to a considerable degree to the point that everything is neat and tidy and, of course, easier to read.

7. Walls of Text

Nobody wants to read a huge wall of text without proper spacing and formatting. Make sure that you separate your thoughts in paragraphs and make your sentences considerably short (around 50-75 characters per line only).

8. Not Using White Space

Also known as Negative Space, this is an area that is devoid of any site elements. This is actually crucial in a blog since it helps your readers’ eyes rest for a brief period of time. That being said, do not cram your content together and allow your readers to rest for a couple of seconds by using white space to your advantage.

9. ‘Above the Fold’

People rarely read entire blog posts and articles, especially if you do not hook them in right at the beginning. Make sure that all of your important and juicy information be placed above the fold, meaning, the page that they see immediately as they land on your blog post.

10. Not Using Keywords for Anchoring

There are some bloggers that would embed links to words like “click here” or “click this”. Although that was acceptable before, it can actually hurt your SEO if you’re still doing the same thing in this day and age.

If you want to put some internal or external links in your blog posts, then just use one of your main keywords as your anchor text.